A new monthly newsletter for RPSC members

Welcome to the first issue of The RPSC newsletter.

This newsletter is part of The RPSC’s strategic initiative, and as stated by President Ed Kroft, The RPSC wants to be known as the “go-to philatelic organization in Canada. It wants to be inclusive rather than being exclusive. It wants to be an organization for all to join.”

The newsletter will be focused on promoting The RPSC and its services and programs to members and all philatelic organizations in Canada. It will also serve to recognize the great contributions of our members to philately here in Canada and abroad. It is also being created to be an extension of The RPSC’s popular and respectable journal, The Canadian Philatelist, by providing timely updates and highlights of news and events within The RPSC and the Canadian philatelic community at large.

We welcome your input, particularly with any items you would like to see as part of the regular newsletter.

Of special note to anyone who is reading this newsletter in Outlook, you will view it much better if you go to the very top of this newsletter and click on the line: View email in your browser.

We also invite you to suggest a name for this newsletter. Email your submissions to info@rpsc.org by June 30. The member who submitted the chosen name will receive a one-year membership extension to The RSPC.

We look forward to your input.

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