RPSC dealer appointed to APS Dealer Advisory Council

Long-time Canadian dealer Roy Houtby, of St. Catharines, Ont.

Long-time Canadian dealer and RPSC member Roy Houtby, owner of Roy’s Stamps, was recently appointed to the American Philatelic Society (APS) Dealer Advisory Council following an announcement from APS Executive Director Scott English. Houtby, of St. Catharines, Ont., has been in the stamp business for more than 45 years and participates in upwards of 30 shows across North America, including at least a dozen major events in the U.S., each year.

Roy’s Stamps is an annual participant in both the APS StampShow, Ameristamp Expo and Canada’s National Stamp Exhibition. He’s also a past president of the Canadian Stamp Dealers’ Association; served as bourse chair for several Canadian national shows, including “Royal 2009,” “BNAPEX 2015” and this June’s “Royal 2018” in St. Catharines. He is also serving on the organizing group for “BNAPEX 2019” in Ottawa.

Houtby is also the long-time bourse chair for the St. Catharines Stamp Club’s annual “Cathex” show and has organized the Best Western Stamp Show for more than four decades. He’s also chaired the Ottawa Fall Stamp Fair for the past 14 years.

RPSC offers online ‘Exhibit’

The RPSC’s on-line library is a collection of “Exhibits” (these are actually “research articles”) donated to The RPSC for the viewing pleasure of our web site visitors. With the explosion of the internet and the availability of philatelic related information, the next evolutionary step is to bring the commonly viewed exhibits from the stamp show’s exhibition floor and create on-line versions of the presentations. To view the entire list, click here.

A new monthly newsletter for RPSC members

Welcome to the first issue of The RPSC newsletter.

This newsletter is part of The RPSC’s strategic initiative, and as stated by President Ed Kroft, The RPSC wants to be known as the “go-to philatelic organization in Canada. It wants to be inclusive rather than being exclusive. It wants to be an organization for all to join.”

The newsletter will be focused on promoting The RPSC and its services and programs to members and all philatelic organizations in Canada. It will also serve to recognize the great contributions of our members to philately here in Canada and abroad. It is also being created to be an extension of The RPSC’s popular and respectable journal, The Canadian Philatelist, by providing timely updates and highlights of news and events within The RPSC and the Canadian philatelic community at large.

We welcome your input, particularly with any items you would like to see as part of the regular newsletter.

Of special note to anyone who is reading this newsletter in Outlook, you will view it much better if you go to the very top of this newsletter and click on the line: View email in your browser.

We also invite you to suggest a name for this newsletter. Email your submissions to info@rpsc.org by June 30. The member who submitted the chosen name will receive a one-year membership extension to The RSPC.

We look forward to your input.

APS appoints new president

Robert Zeigler, of Indianapolis, Ind., was recently appointed as the new president of the American Philatelic Society (APS), the U.S. equivalent of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC).

Zeigler, who was a member of the judging panel at the 2010 RPSC Convention in Windsor, Ont., was appointed president of the APS on May 23 following a vote of that society’s board of directors. He’s replacing former APS president Mick Zais, who was elected in 2016 before resigning this May after being chosen by the U.S. Senate as deputy secretary of the Department of Education .

Zeigler will complete Zais’ term, which runs until August 2019.

Enjoy the benefits of membership?

As noted in this issue’s President’s Message, the RPSC board is committed to providing strong benefits to being a member of Canada’s longest service philatelic organization.

Your membership to the RPSC provides many benefits. Continue Reading to view the benefits.

The RPSC on Facebook

The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) is inviting members to “like” its Facebook page, which it launched earlier this year.

The page highlights news about the society as well as the hobby at large; information, including videos and photographs, about shows in Canada and abroad; and other interesting philatelic tidbits.

It’s managed by The RPSC’s Facebook/Social Media committee, which includes:

  • Chair Sam Chiu, who’s a Fellow of The RPSC;
  • Robert Lunn;
  • Mike Walsh;
  • Robert Pinet;
  • Hugo Deshaye;
  • Robert Timberg;
  • Jesse Robitaille; and
  • Leon Matthys.

For more information or to visit the Facebook page, click here.

RPSC members exhibiting excellence

Members of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) are exhibiting excellence at high-level exhibitions in Canada and abroad.

At the 160-frame national-level competitive exhibition held at Orapex this May, RPSC member Michael Deery won the Grand Award for his eight-frame exhibit, “WWII Postal Protocol: Mail Violations and Advisements.” The exhibit didn’t just focus on the war-time censorship of a single country but also highlighted postal protocols of countries around the world throughout the Second World War.

During the Second World War, both Allied countries and Axis powers monitored civilian and military mail in an effort to protect their respective war efforts from being jeopardized. Countries censored mail, identified violations and issued warnings for postal protocol deemed a security risk by inserting or attaching a slip, memo, notice, form or label to an envelope. In many cases, a handstamp was also applied.

Deery outlined the violations and advisements in 13 categories, including:

  • “Communicating with the enemy”;
  • “Conveying sensitive information”;
  • “Language issues”;
  • “Writing clarity and more”;
  • “Printed matter (cards, photos, picture postcards, mimeographs)”;
  • “Posting foreign currency”;
  • “Exporting/importing stamps”;
  • “Addressing protocol & form use”;
  • “Use of envelopes”;
  • “Foreign mail protocol”;
  • “POW & FPO issues”;
  • “Miscellaneous issues: Non-compliance, prohibited”; and
  • “Warnings/advisements.”


There are only a handful of national-level accredited shows hosted in Canada each year. These include: The RPSC Convention, which will be held June 22-24 in St. Catharines, Ont.; the Edmonton Spring National Stamp Show, which was held March 24-25 in Edmonton, Alta.; the aforementioned Orapex, held May 4-5 in Ottawa; Novapex, which will be held Sept. 14-16 in Dartmouth, N.S.; and Canpex, which will be held Oct. 13-14 in London, Ont.


Another RPSC member, David Bartlet, won the Reserve Grand Award at Orapex for his five-frame exhibit, “Vended Postage Automation,” which mostly featured modern material dating from 2002-16.

RPSC Darcy Hickson also won the Single-Frame Grand Award for his exhibit, “Sewell Camp,” which offered study of the postmarks used at the short-lived camp when it was open in 1911.

Latest issue of ‘The Canadian Philatelist’ focuses on war-time blood donations

Since 1950, The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) has published a bimonthly journal called The Canadian Philatelist (TCP).

With compelling philatelic articles, society business and news as well as events and meetings calendars, TCP is a major benefit for RPSC members, who receive new editions of the journal when its published every two months.

The cover story for the May/June 2018 issue (Volume 69, No. 3), entitled “Blood in the Time of War,” focuses on blood donations during major conflicts such as the First World War and Second World War. Written by RPSC member and Toronto medical doctor Jean Wang, the story is based on her award-winning exhibit, “The Story of Blood: Myth to Medicine,” which earned a Large Gold at the 67th annual National Topical Stamp Show last June.

“Campaigns to recruit civilian blood donors were supported by the postal service,” she writes. “Slogan cancels were used to disseminate appeals to the public. In 1942, a Winnipeg proprietary slogan was issued with the message ‘SUPPORT THE BLOOD DONOR CAMPAIGN.’ A bilingual slogan ‘BLOOD DONORS WANTER/DONNEURS DE SANG DEMANDES’ was used in Ottawa in 1944-1945. Neither of these slogans specifically referenced the war, in contrast to slogans that were used on metered mail in the United States during the latter part of WW II.”

Canada’s national stamp club, The RPSC can trace its roots back to 1887, when the Canadian Philatelic Association was founded; however, it wasn’t until 1959 the society received its “Royal” designation.

Past issues of TCP are available on the society website, rpsc.org, free of charge for issues from 1950-2010, along with all of the journal’s predecessors, including:

  • The Halifax Philatelist (1887-1889);
  • a former version of The Canadian Philatelist (1891-1894);
  • the C.P.S. Bulletin (1935-1949);
  • the C.P.S. Toronto District Unit Bulletin (1947-1948); and
  • the C.P.S. Newsletter (1950-1953).

RPSC member appointed to Canada Post’s Stamp Advisory Committee

Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) member Jean Wang was recently appointed to Canada Post’s 12-person Stamp Advisory Committee.

Wang, a Toronto medical doctor and award-winning exhibitor, was one of five people recently appointed to the committee. In an interview with Canadian Stamp News (CSN), she said she was “overjoyed” after the Crown corporation announced her appointment.

“I only found out about the existence of the committee a few years ago, and it’s something that you can only dream about being on. I never thought I would have the chance to do it, but I think it’s amazing and I’m really looking forward to it,” Wang said.

The committee’s members are appointed by Canada Post’s board of directors to a maximum of two three-year terms. They are appointed based on recommendations from the committee chair and generally come from three walks of life—philately or stamp collecting; art or design; and history, each of which are almost always represented among the 12 members.

Wang’s expertise relates to philately and philatelic exhibiting. Last June, she was awarded with a Large Gold as well as the Medical Subjects Unit Award for her multi-frame exhibit, “The Story of Blood: Myth to Medicine,” at the 67th annual National Topical Stamp Show hosted by the American Topical Association (ATA). At the 2016 RPSC Convention in Waterloo, Ont., Wang’s “Story of Blood” exhibit earned a Vermeil as well as the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors‘ Title Page Excellence Award and the ATA’s 2nd Place Topical Award.

“We’re thrilled to have her on board,” Canada Post Director of Stamp Services Jim Phillips told CSN.

Wang’s five-frame exhibit, ‘The Story of Blood: Myth to Medicine,’ (title page shown above) earned a Large Gold at the 67th annual National Topical Stamp Show last June.


Wang said she will try to use her new position on the committee to the benefit of philately.

“Nobody else on the committee really knows what’s in the hearts and minds of philatelists; we don’t want too many issues, and we want things that are appropriate, and Canadian, and not too commercial,” she said.

“Canada Post has different considerations and I think they have to balance those, too, but certainly they hear us, as philatelists. In terms of the number of issues, there aren’t as many as there were even a couple of years ago. I’ll do my best to advocate for philately.”


The Stamp Advisory Committee was established in 1969 (little more than a decade after the U.S. Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee was formed) and meets three times a year, and topics for the stamp program are chosen based on the committee’s criteria, which include representing a cross-section of Canadian society; being marketable; and having a broad base appeal.


Wang said she has already begun pondering some suggestions to present to the committee.

“I’m starting to think about if there should be another issue to commemorate scientific achievements in Canada,” she said. “There have been some huge Canadian scientists, and we’ve had scientists commemorated in the past, but not in recent years.”

Aside from offering suggestions, Wang said she’s also excited to work with other committee members to develop Canada’s stamp program.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun interacting with artists and historians as well as having an input into what the history of Canada is going to be for the next few years.”

The President’s Message

Welcome to Our Newsletter

This is a new Society initiative to bring timely information to our members. We welcome your contributions, including chapter and club news. Help to make our Society newsletter must reading for every stamp collector in Canada.

The 90th Royal/Royale- Thanks to the Volunteers!

It is time again on June 22-24 for the Society’s 90th annual convention-Royal/Royale 2018. I and the Board of Directors are excited about the events at the event. My thanks to the St Catharines’ club and to all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this a successful event. Special thanks to Rod Paige, the Society’s former Vice President, Victor Potter, Les Molnar, Jim Glen and Stuart Keeley, our Board member.

Exhibits and the Jury

Those attending will see outstanding exhibits that will be evaluated by a group of experienced jurors led by Dr. Joel Weiner. Other jury members will be

Stéphane Cloutier FRPSC, Ottawa Ontario, Robert (Bob) Anderson,  Brantford Ontario,

Robert (Bob) Hohertz, Northfield Minnesota (APS reciprocal judge) and David Collyer, Gladesville, New South Wales  (Australian Philatelic Federation reciprocal judge).

Confirmed Dealers 

There will be many notable dealers in attendance. Special thanks to Roy Houtby for his fine efforts as Dealer liaison. Enjoy shopping for hidden treasures at the tables! Confirmed dealers with specialities and emails are:


Hugh Anderson

Supplies & Topical



Bill Barrell

Great Britain




Stephane Bilodeau Stamps

Canadian Stamps




Canada Stamp Finder

Canada, BNA




City Stamp Montreal

Canada, BNA




William Coates

Canada, BNA



Greenwood Stamp Company

Postal History


  1. Frank Hoyles

WW, Post Cards



Hugo Deshaye (Philatelist) Inc

Postal History




Chris Green Stamps

Canada & Br. Comm



Lighthouse Canada





Longley Auctions

Postal History




Nigel J. Mackey




Maddy’s Philatelic Service




Medallion Stamps

USA & Canada



Royal Williams Stamps Ltd.

Canada, BNA



Roy’s Stamps

Canada & Br. Comm







Taylor Stamps

Canada, BNA




Trajan Publishing

Supplies, CSN




Vance Auctions Ltd.

World Wide




E.S.J. Van Dam Ltd.

Revenue Stamps





Seminars and Workshops 

Attendees will also be able to attend and listen to excellent speakers at the following seminars on various philatelic subjects :


11:00 – 12:00       GB: Postal Reform  1837-1840  -Tom Slemons

13:00 – 14:00      Fun of Topical Collecting   -Larry Davidson

14:30 – 15:30      Understanding the Machin Series – A Primer


11:00 –12:00      Getting Started with Thematic Exhibiting – Dawn Hamman

13:00 – 14:00      GB Postal Reform to Modern Machins –

14:30 – 15:30      ATA Roundtable – latest news from ATA

15:30 – 16:30      A Show & Tell of Unusual Canadian First Day Covers -Andrew Chung


1:00- 2:00           Judging – Treatment & Importance – Dr. Joel Weiner

RPSC Table

My hope is that attendees will visit our Society’s table and say hello to me or others involved in the Society, including our esteemed editor, Herb Colling.

Board of Directors Update and the Strategic Plan

At the Annual General Meeting,  the Board of Directors and the Society executive will unveil its strategic plan for the Society. The Vision Statement and the Objectives of the Society were passed at a Board of Directors Meeting on April 29, 2018.

My special thanks to Lloyd Field and Sam Chiu for their leadership with me on the plan and to the other board members and valued members such as Garfield Portsch and past presidents Charles Verge and George Pepall for their insightful comments. My hope is that volunteers will work with members of the Society to implement the plan to improve our Society. In the upcoming months, I will write or speak about various aspects of the Strategic Plan and look forward to discussing aspects of it with many of you.

Speaking of the Board of Directors, the Society will have 13 board members from across Canada. They are all accomplished people in their own right and all have the best interests of the Society and philately at heart. The Board has had regular teleconference meetings every few weeks to discuss and implement decisions pertaining to matters of interest to the Society and its members. My thanks, on behalf of the Society to all of you, and to Robert Pinet, our Society secretary, who is retiring from our Board.

Mission and Vision Statement of the Strategic Plan

  1. To take a leadership role in promoting and encouraging “stamp collecting”(which includes the collection of topicals, thematics, postal history, aerophilately, and the use of postcards and other ephemera) for Canadians of all ages, genders and ethnicityand to be an inclusive not exclusive organization. Our audience would include the public, beginning collectors, specialists and the philatelic community at large;
  2. To offer educational programmes to the public which enhance the pleasure and friendliness of “stamp collecting” as described above;
  3. To promote and encourage volunteerism in “stamp collecting” (as described above), philatelic  exhibiting and philatelic judging;
  4. To represent residents of Canada in worldwide philatelic exhibitions and in worldwide philatelic organizations ; and
  5. To be the Canadian centre of excellence for collectors, philatelic exhibitors and philatelic judges .

Proposed Objectives To Fulfill the Mission and Vision Statement 


Encourage the preparation of presentations and monographs, books and other educational material for the public, including all those who are engaged in philatelic activities. The publications would include material that can be used in various places to attract members – for example, stamp shows, coin shows, postcard shows, antique shows, libraries, community centres and schools;

Seminars and Courses

Develop materials and deliver seminars/courses to all levels of collectors, philatelists, exhibitors and judges in Canada on topics of relevance to them

Exhibiting at all Levels (including exhibits of topicals, thematics, ephemera and postcards) 

Develop and deliver educational materials/programmes on exhibiting to encourage exhibiting at all levels and classes;

Mentoring of Individuals and Groups 

Develop a mentoring program for beginning hobbyists of all ages using RPSC Fellows and other qualified individuals (including exhibitors and judges)


Raise capital for charitable(tax deductible) and non-charitable activities through fund raising campaigns . Integrate RPSC Foundation and TAPE activities in a rational and coordinated way . Seek “charitable organization” status for the RPSC from the Canada Revenue Agency;

Relationships and Partnerships with other Philatelic Organizations Including Canada Post and Dealers Inside and Outside Canada

Regularly establish and enhance relationships with Canada Post, the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association and other philatelic organizations to attract more people to the hobby, and to ensure working efficiencies. Appoint persons to act as liaisons with each organization’ Maintain excellent working relationships with FIP, FIAF and other organizations such as the American Philatelic Society;

Promote and Sponsor Joint shows/exhibitions (coins, postcards, ephemera)

Establish and maintain a show/ exhibition/conventions committee to liaise with RPSC chapters and to develop and follow consistent guidelines to create a first class experience for those attending the shows and exhibitions. One or more RPSC board members would be actively involved in this process;

Insurance Benefits for Members

Continue to offer insurance benefits to members as is the current practice;

 Promote and Encourage Volunteerism

Find, encourage and publicly acknowledge volunteers who help the RPSC in administration, clerical work and fund-raising. Promote, encourage and publicly acknowledge volunteer participation in philatelic organizations other than the RPSC (clubs, shows, publications);

Brand The Canadian Philatelist as the Premier Philatelic Publication in Canada

Make the content and direction of this publication consistent with the above objectives and statements so that it is widely viewed as the premier philatelic publication in Canada. The Editorial Board and the Editor ( in consultation from the Board of the RPSC) must promote, encourage and publish articles and other material consistent with the above objectives and statements ;

Attract New Members and Maintain Existing Memberships Whenever Possible and Strengthen Relationships with RPSC Affiliate Chapters

Use RPSC affiliate chapters to recruit new RPSC members. Create RPSC regional liaisons in provinces to attract new members and promote the above objectives; and

Enhanced Promotion, Marketing and Branding of the RPSC By Various Means Including Traditional and Social Media


Create an awareness that the RPSC stands for The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, that the RPSC has a long and storied history and tradition and that it is an inclusive and not exclusive organization that someone will be excited to join. Use our existing Facebook page and RPSC Website to get our messaging across on a timely and broad basis.

Member Sales Circuits

 Offer members the chance to sell or buy one anothers’ stamps through a  carefully managed sales circuit under contract with a reliable and conscientious individual or party.

Please Volunteer and Help the RPSC

These are truly exciting times for our Society! Please help the Society in any way you can. Recruit new members! Please find a little time in your busy lives to volunteer for Society committees or at your local club or show to advance and promote the interests of our Society .  See you in St Catharines!


Best Regards