This month’s club profile: BRAMALEA STAMP CLUB (RPSC Chapter 144)

Established in the 1960s, Bramalea Stamp Club has a proven track record of promoting youth philately in effective ways.

Beginning in 2015 in Brampton, Ont., teachers, students and local philatelists teamed up to produce a series of stamp designs that were displayed at that year’s massive, once-in-a-decade World Stamp Show.

Through a number of donations – including stamps, covers, supplies, and importantly, time – members of the Bramalea Stamp Club were able to provide students with an in-depth, hands-on lesson about the power of stamps.

Ingo Nessel, president of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada, is one of three Bramalea Stamp Club members to help co-ordinate the school project that eventually displayed Canadian students’ philatelic designs on the world stage.

“First, we show the world our take on opportunities to raise awareness of the hobby with youth,”

said Nessel, who’s the Bramalea club’s Grand River Valley Philatelic Association (GRVPA)

representative. “Secondly we get to share best practices with our international counterparts.”

Lastly, Nessel added, those students whose artwork was shown are likely “thrilled to have

become ‘famous’ in New York,” and could continue down the path to stamp collecting.

The Bramalea Stamp Club has a strong, active membership of about 40 philatelists, several of which have a deep connection to organized philately. the hobby.

Nessel, who’s also GRVPA vice-president, is working alongside Bramalea Stamp Club President Bob Thorne and executive member Jerry Piotrowski on the school project.

“Raising awareness of the post office and all its workings is vital as they have a greatly reduced

profile in the daily lives of people, even though their services remain relevant,” said Nessel, who added plans to promote youth philately at local schools are ongoing.

“Besides the RPSC initiative, Bramalea Stamp Club will follow up with local schools, with the

goal of incubating school stamp clubs. This venture has taken on a life of its own and we would be delighted if it went viral.”

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Summary of treasurer’s report at recent AGM.

Last year, The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) put forth a nominal increase in membership fees leading to a more than twofold net increase in profit.

After changing the fee rate “just slightly,” according to RPSC Treasurer Stuart Keeley, the society made $863 net compared to $324 in 2016; however, this increase could be offset depending on the continuation of financial support from the federal government.

The RPSC recently received $13,500 in federal support to go towards printing our bimonthly publication, The Canadian Philatelist (TCP).

“If the government doesn’t give us the money next year for TCP, we can get into a financial issue in a very, very big hurry,” warned Keeley at The RPSC’s recent annual general meeting,  in St. Catharines, Ont.

In terms of membership, which is also part of Keeley’s role, The RPSC currently has about 1,200 paying members and about 375 life members, the latter of which may have paid their membership fees as far back as the 1970s.

“We’re supporting them with no income coming in,” he said, adding the society is losing about 50 members a year on average. “That – along with distributing TCP and other issues – is a drag on a financial statement when you only have about $50,000 or $60,000.”

The board is currently discussing how to address these life members for further support, and more information will be available in the coming months.

In the closing remarks of his treasurer’s report this June, Keeley said The RPCS needs to “stabilize” membership and find the next cohort of paying members.

“For the society to survive long term, my generation needs to be replaced by that generation at some point, but they need good reasons to join.”

National-level Canpex returns to London Oct. 13-14

Canada’s newest national-level exhibition is returning to southwestern Ontario this month with a theme marking the 150th anniversary of the Western Fair, which has been held in downtown London every September since 1868.

Hosted by the Middlesex Stamp Club, Canpex 2018 will be held Oct. 13-14 at the Hellenic Community Centre on 133 Southdale Rd. W. It’s the event’s third gathering since the show was re-invented in 2016.

With a 25-dealer bourse and about 100 exhibit frames, the show, which coincides with Stamp Collecting Month, is an opportunity for attendees to view world-class exhibits in southwestern Ontario.

The show’s competitive exhibition is part of the American Philatelic Society (APS) “World Series of Philately,” which is limited to 35 shows in Canada and the U.S.

The Grand Award winners from these 35 shows – including Canpex; Orapex; Novapex

in Dartmouth, N.S.; the Edmonton Stamp Club National Spring Show; and the annual convention

of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) – are invited to exhibit at the APS

StampShow each year. The winners of the single-frame Grand Awards are invited to the APS AmeriStamp Expo.

With numerous local clubs within a two-hour drive of London, which is less than a day’s drive from more than 150 million people in Canadian and U.S. urban centres, the city is an ideal location for a stamp show.


traduction : Michèle Cartier


Bonjour à tous! Octobre est le mois national de la philatélie.  Qu’allez-vous faire pour le célébrer?  Acheter plus de matériel pour votre collection? Visiter le club philatélique local?  Aller à une exposition de timbres? Encourager vos amis à joindre la SRPC? Je l’espère bien.  La venue de l’automne signifie souvent que nous aurons plus de temps pour nous occuper de notre collection de timbres et profiter de nos passe-temps.  Ce qui suit est un bref aperçu  des activités de la Royal Philatelic Society of Canada/La Société royale de philatélie du Canada (RPSC/SRPC).


Royal/Royale 2019 et propositions pour les futures expositions


La planification de la Royale/Royal 2019 qui aura lieu les 21-23 juin 2019 à l’hôtel Hilton de Mississauga, Ontario,  est fort avancée.  La SRPC espère vous y rencontrer! La SRPC est en discussion avec l’American Philatelic Society pour participer conjointement aux expositions nationales de ces deux sociétés nationales.

De plus amples renseignements à venir sur notre site web ou dans le Philatéliste canadien/The Canadian Philatelist. Certains clubs envisagent la possibilité de présenter l’exposition annuelle dans les années à venir. C’est à suivre.  La British Columbia Philatelic Society nous a informé qu’elle tiendra l’exposition nationale – Vanpex – en 2019.  Les collections et les bénévoles sont les bienvenus.


Les expositions nationales, régionales et locales de 2018


Canpex est la dernière exposition nationale de 2018. Elle aura lieu à London, Ontario, les 13 et 14 octobre; pour plus de renseignements visitez le site

Il reste encore des expositions régionales et locales à venir en 2018 lesquelles sont annoncées sur le site de la Royale : Si vous désirez annoncer vos expositions, faites-nous le savoir et nous publierons l’information dans le bulletin de la SRPC et sur le site web de la Royale.


Renseignements sur les prochaines réunions des clubs-membres et sur les conférenciers


La SRPC est intéressée à voir plus de membres participer aux réunions des clubs-membres. Nous espérons que le bulletin pourra aider à cet égard en publiant les dates des réunions à venir, le nom des conférenciers et le lieu. Même si vous ne pouvez vous y rendre, vous serez au courant des sujets traités et vous pourrez vous informer auprès de membres présents. S’il-vous-plaît, envoyez-nous les dates de vos prochaines réunions, le lieu, le nom des conférenciers et le sujet traité de façon à pouvoir les publier dans le bulletin de la SRPC.


Nouveau programme de reconnaissance des bénévoles


L’exécutif de la SRPC a appouvé le « Programme de reconnaissance des bénévoles ». Il s’agit de souligner la contribution significative fournie par certaines personnes à la philatélie en tant que membre de la SRPC ou membre d’un club associé ou affilié à la SRPC. Nous attendons de vos nouvelles, vous les membres ou clubs affiliés de la SRPC!!! Nous avons aussi besoin de bénévoles pour donner de l’information à la table de la SRPC lors des expositions locales, régionales et nationales de la SRPC.


Articles demandés pour le Canadian Philatelist/Le philatéliste canadien et le bulletin de la SRPC


Désirez-vous partager vos connaissances philatéliques avec les autres? S’il-vous-plaît, prenez le temps d’écrire un article informatif approfondi pour la revue phare de la SRPC, The Canadian Philatelist/Le philatéliste canadien. Contactez notre estimé éditeur, Herb Colling à ou un membre de notre comité de rédaction : Gray Scrimgeour, Richard Gratton, Rob Timberg et François Brisse.


Si vous désirez écrire un bref article pour le bulletin de la SRPC, me contacter à l’adresse courriel à la fin ou l’éditeur de ce bulletin, Mike Walsh à


Le comité exécutif de la SRPC et le Plan stratégique


Notre dernière réunion a eu lieu le 30 septembre par appel conférence. Nous avons discuté de divers sujets incluant l’élaboration et la mise en œuvre des différents aspects et des objectifs du plan stratégique discutés dans les précédents bulletins d’information. La SRPC aura besoin de l’aide de ses membres et nous espérons que vous pourrez apporter toute l’aide nécessaire pour ce faire. Le comité s’est aussi penché sur d’autres sujets tels que la nomination de nouveaux membres sur le comité exécutif. Robert Carswell a été élu et remplacera Rob Timberg qui a dû malheureusement céder sa place. La date limite pour poser sa candidature sur le Comité des directeurs approche rapidement (décembre 2018). Au moins une personne apte s’est présentée. Nous avons besoin de plus de bénévoles! Le comité a aussi approuvé l’e-membership i.e. l’adhésion et la copie électronique du Canadian Philatelist/Le philatéliste canadien à un prix réduit. Le prix de l’adhésion incluant la copie-papier sera augmenté.   La prochaine rencontre du comité exécutif aura lieu en novembre 2018.


Le comité international – au service des exposants


David McLaughlin est l’officier et président du comité de la SRPC qui assure la liaison internationale.   Charles Verge, Sam Chiu et Jim Taylor sont aussi membres de ce comité. David publie un bulletin appelé ‘The International Exhibitor’ qui est essentiel à toute personne qui désire exposer au niveau international ou qui désire visiter ces expositions. S’il-vous-plaît, contacter David pour recevoir une copie à Il y aura un certain de nombre d’expositions internationales en 2019 et 2020.





Le programme des juges


La SRPC possède un comité qui s’occupe de l’accréditation des juges philatéliques au Canada. Joel Weiner en est le président. La SRPC est toujours à la recherche de personnes dévouées qui sont prêtes à suivre une formation pour devenir juge accrédité aux niveaux local ou national. Vous pouvez rejoindre Joel à


Le site web de la SRPC


La SRPC espère continuer à fournir à ses membres et non-membres de l’information sur de nombreux sujets philatéliques ainsi que sur les activités de la société.

Si vous avez fait une présentation PowerPoint à votre club philatélique et que vous croyez qu’elle pourrait intéresser d’autres philatélistes, faites-moi parvenir une copie pour une éventuelle publication sur notre site web ou une possible présentation à un club-membre.


Des idées pour améliorer la SRPC? Vous voulez devenir bénévoles?

Vous voulez recruter de nouveaux membres?


Avec votre aide, la Canadian Philatelic Society/ La Société royale de philatélie du Canada continuera à demeurer Canada’s National Stamp Club/Le club national de philatélie du Canada.

Vous pouvez me rejoindre à


Dons de charité


S’il-vous-plaît considérez faire un don de charité déductible d’impôt à la Fondation de la SRPC. Plus d’informations vous parviendront sur le sujet au cours des prochains mois.


Meilleures salutations,



President Ed’s October 2018 Message

Hi everyone! October is National Stamp Collecting Month. What are you going to do to commemorate it? Buy more material for your collection? Visit the local stamp club? Attend a stamp show? Encourage your friends to join the RPSC? I hope so.  The advent of Fall often means we will have more time to work on our stamp collections and to enjoy our hobbies. What follows is a brief update on the activities of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada/La Société royale de philatélie du Canada (“RPSC“) .


Royal 2019 and Proposals for Future Shows 


Plans are well under way for Royal/Royale 2019 to be held in June 21-23, 2019 at the Hilton Mississauga in Mississauga, Ont. The RPSC hopes to see you there! The RPSC is in discussions with the American Philatelic Society to partner in each others national shows in some manner. Stay tuned for more details, plus watch for updates on our website and inside The Canadian Philatelist. Some clubs are exploring the possibility of hosting the annual convention in future years. More news to follow. The British Columbia Philatelic Society has advised it will host a national show – Vanpex – in 2019. Exhibits and volunteers are most welcome.


2018  National, Regional and Local Shows

Canpex is the last national show of the 2018 season. It will be held in London, Ont., on Oct. 13-14. For more details, visit

There are a number of regional and local shows still to be held in 2018, which are listed on the Royal’s website: If you wish to let others know about your shows, please let us know so we can publish details in the RPSC newsletter and on the Royal’s website.


Details of Future RPSC Chapter Meetings and Speakers


The RPSC is interested in seeing more collectors attend RPSC chapter meetings. We hope the newsletter will assist in this regard and will contain details of upcoming chapter meetings, including the names of speakers and locations. Even if members cannot attend meetings, they may learn of interesting topics and be able to source presentations from those who volunteered to share information. Please send us details of upcoming meetings, locations, speakers and topics so they can be published in the RPSC newsletter.



New Volunteer Recognition Program


The RPSC Board has approved the Volunteer Recognition Program. It is intended to recognize those individuals who have made a significant contribution to philately as a member of the RPSC or a member of an RPSC Chapter or Affiliate. We need to hear from you, our members, and our affiliates!!! We also need more volunteers to help us staff RPSC tables at local, regional and national shows. Please help us sign up new members for the RPSC.


Articles Are Needed for The Canadian Philatelist and for the RPSC Newsletter 


Do you wish to share your knowledge of philately with others? Please consider taking your time to write an informative and scholarly piece for the RPSC’s flagship publication, The Canadian Philatelist. Please contact  our esteemed editor, Herb Colling at,  or a member of our talented editorial board: Gray Scrimgeour, Richard Gratton, Rob Timberg and Francois Brisse.


If you wish to write a piece for the RPSC newsletter, please contact me at the email address below or our newsletter editor, Mike Walsh at



RPSC Board of Directors and the Strategic Plan


Our last Board meeting was held by conference call on Sept. 30. We discussed a variety of topics including the development and implementation of  the strategic plan vision statement and objectives discussed in past newsletters. The RPSC will need the help of its members to do so and hopes members will assist where possible. Our Board also discussed other matters such as the appointment of new board members. Robert Carswell was elected to replace Rob Timberg who regrettably stepped down. The deadline for nominations for the Board of Directors is fast approaching (December 2018). At least one capable person has stepped forward. We need more volunteers! The Board also approved the institution of an e-membership category (with an electronic copy of The Canadian Philatelist) at a reduced rate. Dues for membership involving the receipt of a paper copy of The Canadian Philatelist will be increased. Our next Board meeting will occur in November, 2018.


International CommitteeServing the Interests of Exhibitors 


David McLaughlin is the International Liaison Officer of the RPSC and Chair of this Committee. Charles Verge, Sam Chiu and Jim Taylor are members . David publishes a newsletter called the International Exhibitor which is essential reading for those who wish to exhibit or attend international stamp shows. Please contact David for a copy at A number of international shows will be held in 2019 and 2020.


Judging Program


The RPSC has a Committee that deals with the accreditation of Philatelic judges in Canada.  Joel Weiner heads this Committee. The RPSC is always looking for dedicated individuals who are looking to apprentice in aid of becoming accredited as a judge at the local or national level. Joel can be reached at



The RPSC Website


The RPSC hopes to continue to provide members and non-members with current/ additional information about the Society operations and topics in philately. If you have done a PowerPoint presentation on philately for a chapter meeting or organization and you think it would be useful for others to see on our Website, please send it to me and the RPSC will consider it for publication on our website or as a presentation to be made available to other Chapters.



Any Ideas to Improve the RPSC? Want to Volunteer? Want to Help Recruit New Members?


With your help ,The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada/La Société royale de philatélie du Canada will continue to be Canada’s National Stamp Club /Le club national de philatélie du Canada. Please feel free to contact me at



Charitable Giving


Please do consider making a tax deductible charitable contribution to the RPSC Foundation. More on this topic in the upcoming months.


Best wishes