China-to-Canada cover sent to Hong Kong on the day of the Japanese Invasion: A New Discovery

By Sam Chiu

At 8 a.m. on Dec. 8, 1941, Japanese forces started the Invasion of Hong Kong with their air force bombing warships in Victoria Harbour, the planes at Kai Tak Airport and selected military installations all over the colony.

This was only hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

For many years now, I have studied and collected this topic and have put together an exhibit titled, “Detained in Hong Kong and the Ones that got away.” It primarily shows that even though the invasion started on Dec. 8, the handling of mail was blocked or delayed for up to 10 days before the invasion. It also shows what happened to some of the mail during the invasion period.

This single-frame exhibit won, on its first showing, the APS Research Award at Orapex 1999. I did not show it again for many years but re-entered it again in 2017, when it won the best single-frame honours at both the Edmonton Spring National Show and the Royal Convention in Boucherville, Que. It then qualified to be entered at the Champion-of-Champions Competition at Ameristamp Expo 2018 in Birmingham.

Already stated in the title of the exhibit, “detained covers” are the focus of the exhibit.

After the war, seven bags of mail were found, and the Hong Kong Post Office (HKPO) decided to create and to apply a boxed marking with words, “Detained in Hong Kong / By Japanese / From December 1941 to September 1945,” in three lines on all items found in these bags and were forwarded to their destination. These were the “detained covers.”

Another category of mail was where I coined the term “the U-turn covers,” about which I wrote an article published in the China Clipper in 1998. I discovered and reported there were covers that first originated from China and reached Hong Kong just before the Japanese invasion and were trapped there. After the invasion in February 1942, these covers were then sent back to Canton, China, and were not “detained.” The reason for this was Japan was selling the concept to those Asia countries they were conquering or were occupying the idea of the “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere,” that these Asian countries were not enemies, but friends or partners in this sphere. As such, mail franked with stamps of these countries were treated as “friendly” and were released for delivery, while mail with stamps of Hong Kong and other British colonies were treated as mail from the “enemy” and these were “Detained” in Hong Kong for the rest of the war. It was said that in reality, China, in Japan’s eyes then, was regarded as “too weak” to be a full partner in this sphere.

In my exhibit, I have shown four U-turn covers, of which three were addressed to the United States. When a friend asked me to help him write-up a cover he was going to send to auction, I asked him to do me a favour and to sell it to me as I then offered him a large sum for this cover. He agreed to sell it to me. I made the offer as I do not have a U-turn cover which was addressed to Canada.

The hallmark of a U-turn cover was the return date to Canton after the cover had reached Hong Kong. The Canton receiver of Feb. 14, 1942, was very clear and on the front of the cover. Even though the cover did not have a Hong Kong receiving circular date stamp, it had three Hong Kong markings. The boxed “Not Opened by Censor”, the boxed “No service” and the boxed “Retour” markings were all applied in Hong Kong.

Only after I received the cover and examined under magnification the date of the CDS tying the stamps did it dawn on me the significance of the date: Dec. 8, 1941, was the day of the Japanese Invasion of Hong Kong. The time slot was clear; it was a “10” in Chinese, but the second word was missing, so it can also be “11” or “12” in the morning. A secondary Chungking marking use the old Chinese hours, “zud”, which was the two hours from 9 to 11 a.m. So both markings are consistent that the cover was received, and cancelled, at 11 a.m.

From what literature and references that I have found, no flight had been recorded carrying mail in and out of Hong Kong after the start of invasion that morning on Dec. 8. I asked for help from the past chairman of the Hong Kong Study Circle and Hong Kong philatelic researcher and writer, Richard Whittington, and as I expected, he solved the mystery.

Richard came to the conclusion the regular scheduled Rangoon to Chungking and then to Hong Kong China National Aviation Company’s flight was scheduled to have arrived in HK on Dec. 8 in the evening. In fact, it arrived at Kai Tak just after midnight and would have been the only flight that could have possibly carried mail on that day. Up to now, no other cover from that flight has surfaced.

So in summary, it was Dec 8, 1941, China to Canada cover, after 78 years that brought this fact to light. Even the fact the cover took another 13 more months, after it was returned to Canton, to reach its destination in March 1943 in B.C., sounded trivial.

In closing, I just like to bring out the point that in philately it is always about the people, the friendship and the comradery. It was a friend who sold me the cover and it was a friend who helped me solve the mystery. Friendship in philately at its finest.

Royal *2019* Royale great time to include Canada’s philatelic library

The Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library at the Vincent Graves Philatelic Research Foundation extends an invitation to all attendees of ROYAL *2019* ROYALE to spend a day with us!

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Our reference librarian, Kathy Hartley says: “Let me give you some more examples why you might want to visit our library: Be welcomed. Feel at ease. Share what you know. Hear what others have to say. Exchange information, or items. Make plans. Make bigger plans. Discuss. Collaborate. Browse the latest magazines or journals. Know what book you require and pull it off the shelf. Take it home. Ask for help. Question. Watch excitement happened. Be part of an incredible thing.”

So while attending the popular Royal *2019* Royale, take time to  spend a day with us! Book a day ahead of or following the convention and use the GO bus, with the stop conveniently located directly across the street from the hotel, to travel in to Toronto. From its terminus at either the Union or York Mills subway station, we’re just a few stops away at Summerhill.

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President’s Message — April 2019

Hello everyone. Now that the weather is improving I hope you will have time to get to your local club meeting or a stamp show. I have enjoyed shows in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver in the last few weeks . It is always enjoyable to see friends and the materials brought by the dealers who patronize these events.


Royal 2019 Royale -June 21-23, 2019-Mississauga, Ontario


The Bramalea Stamp Club, West Toronto Stamp Club and Canadian Stamp News are pleased to host The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada Royal *2019* Royale June 21-23, 2019 at the Hilton Mississauga, located at 6750 Mississauga Road in Mississsauga, Ontario. This year’s Royal has two special themes — this marks the 60th Anniversary of the Canadian Philatelic Association receiving its ROYAL designation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The second theme, ‘It’s Your Royal,’ pays tribute to all members and the important role each one plays in enhancing our hobby for collectors of all ages and levels.


The three-day national exhibition and show is expected to draw more than 200 exhibition frames plus more than 25 professional dealers from Canada, the U.S. and Great Britain. Entry forms for the exhibiting must be received by May 1, 2019.


The three organizations have established a volunteer organizing committee with Joe Trauzzi, of the Bramalea Stamp Club, as chairman. Joe’s spouse, Wendi Trauzzi, is co-ordinating all of the special events including a special bus trip to the iconic Village of St. Jacobs and the popular St. Jacobs Farmers Market. Mike Walsh, of CSN, is overseeing the bourse and  marketing while Rodney Paige is the exhibits chair and Bob Thorne is organizing the mammoth task of setting up the frames. Garfield Portch, of the West Toronto Stamp Club, is in charge of show program while Lawrence Pinkney, also of West Toronto Stamp Club, is treasurer. Jesse Robitaille, of CSN, is assisting with social media. Stuart Keeley is serving as The RPSC’s representative.


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Orapex 2019 May 4-5 2019


ORAPEX is the Ottawa RA Centre Philatelic EXhibition. 2019 will mark the 58th edition of this show, which is managed by volunteers drawn from the RA Stamp Club, the Amicale des philatélistes de l’Outaouais, the Ottawa Philatelic Society and related philatelic societies and organizations. ORAPEX is one of only a few national-level stamp shows held annually in Canada and is part of the American Philatelic Society’s “World Series of Philately.”


RA Centre

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Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-4

Free admission and parking.


Each year, ORAPEX has a theme. For the 2019 show, the theme will be Elizabethan Era Philately. ORAPEX boasts about 40 stamp dealers in its bourse and runs an impressive series of society meetings, seminars and study groups. Bring your children to the Youth Booth to get them started on collecting! The show’s awards reception is a highlight of the weekend and a great chance for everyone to socialize after the exhibits have been judged. (Awards Reception tickets will be available at the Welcome Booth at the show.)


Postal History Society of Canada-July 18-21-Sheraton Hotel Hamilton


The PHSC Symposium is back for its third great year. If you were there for PHSC Symposium 2017 or 2018, you enjoyed many great postal historical events and camaraderie. One of our main goals in creating the Symposium is to foster new postal history research and to increase collaboration amongst our members. Once again, PHSC Symposium 2019 will give you a chance to interact and learn from experts and each other. The event will span four full days, from Thursday July 18 to Sunday July 21. Centered in Hamilton, Ontario, attendees will visit several different sites of historical interest in Hamilton and the greater Toronto and Niagara areas at which invited members will speak about a variety of postal history topics. There will also be a National-level postal history exhibition as well as a bourse with fifteen or more dealers concentrating on postal history.



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