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Canadian Philatelic Literature
Nova Scotia

Updated: Feb 4/01

Canadian Revenues - Vol 5, The Atlantic Provinces (Edward Zaluski, 1992, Spiral bound, 138 pages)

MOON Cancellations of NB, NS, & PEI 1950-1973 (Michael Sagar, 1999, Stapled, 102 pages)

The Nova Scotia Post - It's Offices, Masters, and Marks 1700-1867 (J.J. MacDonald, 1985, Hardbound, 295 pages)

Post Cards of ... Nova Scotia (12 country titles) (Ken MacDonald, 1998-99, Spiral bound)

Post Offices & Postal Routes of Halifax Country (Ken MacDonald, 1993, Spiral bound, 400 pages)

Post Offices & Postal Routes of Pictou Country (Ken MacDonald, 1999, Spiral bound, 324 pages)

Postage Stamps of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (Nicholas Argenti, 1962 (original); 1976 (Quarterman Reprint), Hardbound, 223 pages)


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