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Updated: Aug 10/17

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Admiral Cancels (Hans Reiche, 1983, Stapled, 20 pages)

The Admiral Era: A Rate Study 1912-1928 (Allan L. Steinhart, 1981, Perfect bound, 166 pages)

The Admiral Issue of Canada (George C. Marler, 1982, Hardbound, 567 pages)

Canada, The Admiral Flaws (Hans Reiche, 1987, Stapled, 36 pages)

Canada, The Admiral Issue 1911-1925 (George C. Marler, 1980, Perfect bound, 756 pages)

The Canadian Admiral Stamps (Hans Reiche, 1990, Stapled, 84 pages)

The Canadian Lathework Design (Hans Reiche, 1979, Stapled, 11 pages)

The Canadian Stamp Handbook, Part 4: The Admirals 1911-1925 (Michael Milos, 1984, 3-hole, 30 pages)

Color Guides for the Admiral Issue of Canada (Richard M. Morris, 2000, Cyrlox bound, 10 pages)

Color Guide for the Admiral Issue of Canada (Richard M. Morris, 1998 (revised), Spiral bound, 20 pages)


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