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Thematic Collections

Laurie Anderson, Norma Nielson and Tim Aston

2024, April 15


Social Philately

Elizabeth Sodero, Robert Stock, Mark Loomis

2024, March 18


Innovations in Exhibiting
Learn about different techniques to maximize the visual presentation of your philatelic pieces and research.

Jean Wang, Duncan Barber

2024, February 19


A Fireside Chat with The RPSC
Get updates on The RPSC

RPSC Board, Gregg Redner, David McLaughlin

2024, January 15


Show and Tell: Holidays
Come and show us your holiday-themed goodies. You choose the holiday!

2023, December 18


Learn from auction houses how to search, bid, and buy from auctions online and in-person.

Chris McFetridge, Peter MacDonald, Firmin Wyndels

2023, November 20


Dealing with Dealers
Did you go to a stamp show and feel like you didnt know how to approach a dealer table? Learn how to help dealers help you find the stamps you want.

John Beddows, Chris McFetridge, Greg Simon

2023, October 16


Stamp Clubs
Clubs and societies: why join in with organized philately?

2023, September 18


Exchanges and swapping

Jean Wang, Selene Tang

2023, August 21


Show and Tell: Summer
Come and show us your summer-themed goodies!

2023, July 17


Understanding Exhibits
Have you ever gone to a show and felt overwhelmed by a sea of exhibits? This panel of experienced exhibitors and judges will help you learn how to appreciate exhbitis and exhibiting.

Peter MacDonald, Arlene Sullivan, David Piercey, John Wilson

2023, June 19


Unusual Collecting
Of course we all collect stamps, but some collectors search out some really unique items.

Gordon Smith, Mark Berner, Antoine Babinsky

2023, May 8


French Philately in Canada
Find out whats happening in our francophone philatelic communities.

Mark Berner, Grégoire Teyssier, Louis Cantin

2023, April 17


Tools of the Hobby
Find out about tools that can help you bring your collecting to the next level.

Garfield Portch, Bill Burden

2023, March 20


Fireside chat with The RPSC

RPSC Board of Directors

2023, January 16


Varieties and Perforations

Dr. Gregg Redner, Arnie Janson

2022, November 21


Show & Tell


2022, October 17


Giving Back

Dr. Gregg Redner, Sam Chiu, Mike Walsh

2022, September 19


How young collectors are engaging with philately

Jack Preuveneers, Lisa B, Lisa T

2022, August 15


Postal History

David Hobden, Gregoire Teyssier

2022, July 18


Fakes and Forgery

Ken Pugh - The postal counterfeit coils and booklets coming out of China

Patrick Durbano - Forgeries of the OHMS perfins

Ian Robertson - Meeting with the Montreal printers about 39-cent maple leaf coil counterfeits, arranged by detectives

2022, June 20


Collecting Post Cards

Jane Sodero, Branda Hoyles, Dawn Hammon

2022, May 16


The Philatelist and Mentoring

Jane Sodero, Garfield Portch, Ted Nixon

2022, April 18



Greg Redner, Michel Houde, Ken Lemke, Eldon Godfrey

2022, March 21


Perfins and Precancels

Jim Graham, Gary Steele, Ron Pazdzeiski, Jon Johnson

2022, February 21


First Day Covers

Ken Lemke(m), Bob Vogel(p), Gary Dickinson(p), Andrew Chung(p)

2022, January 17


Why should I research my collection? How to conduct research. What resources are available? What is the Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library?

Charles Verge, John Wilson, Robert Timberg, Ron Smith

2021, December 20


Introduction into Exhibiting
What is it? How does it work? How to get started? It is easier than you think.

Charles Verge(p), Jane Sodero(p)

2021, November 15


Education and Youth
Should I get my child involved? What are youth interested in? What can be learned from philately?

Jane Sodero (m), Ted Nixon(p)

2021, October 18


Stamp Shows
What are they? Why they are worth visiting? Camaraderie and the social benefits of collecting.

Mike Walsh(m), Charles Verge(p), Jane Sodero(p)

2021, September 20


Why join a club?
Benefits of a club? Where to find a club? What is the RPSC?

Ed Kroft(m), Garfield Portch(p), Ingo Nessel(p), Rob Lunn(p)

2021, August 16


Other Considerations.
Forgeries, basics in spotting them. Insurance, do I need it and where can I get it? What to do with inherited collections?

Chris Hargreaves(m), Garfield Portch(p), Chris Green(p), John Wilson(p)

2021, July 19


Sample collecting area. Communications during War.
What can I collect? How did it work? Were the soldiers well served?

George Pepall(p), Leigh Hogg (p), David Hobden(p)


The Back of the Book.
What does it comprise? Should I collect it? Is it affordable?

Chris Hargreaves(p), Ingo Nessel(p), John Wilson(p)


Thematic collecting.
What is it? Why is it the newest rage?

Chris Hargreaves(m), Jean Wang(p), Derwin Mak(p), Rob Lunn(p)


Moving beyond album collecting.
Why would I want to? What are some areas to collect?

Ken Lemke(m), Ed Kroft(p), Sid Mensinga(p)


Collecting and real life.
What does a collector do? How can collecting stamps help in life?

Chris Hargreaves(m), David Hobden(p), Sam Chiu(p), Bob Gardner(p)


Stamp Collecting.
Where do I get stamps? How do I store them? What tools and supplies do I need? Basic questions and answers?

Ken Lemke(m), Jerry Piotrowski(p), Bob Thorne(p), Stuart Keeley(p)

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