Kawartha Stamp Club
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

R.P.S.C. Chapter # 58

Stamp Magazines

Magazine Cost How to Get It Notes
The American Stamp Dealer & Collector One year (10 issues) $US 21.95; two years (20 issues) $US 32.95 www.americanstampdealer.com &Offers dealer perspective; well-illustrated; broad coverage of issues & topics
Stamp Magazine (UK) $12 per issue Sold at Chapters and other magazine outlets and www.subscritions.co.uk/stal/v647 Mostly GB and Commonwealth news, good topical coverage; lists new issues worldwide; SG numbers
Gibbons Stamp Monthly £95 per year in hard copy; online copy is less www.stanleygibbons.com Similar to Stamp Magazine but articles are longer and more technical; SG numbers
Linn’s Stamp News (includes Linn’s Stamp Monthly) $105 per year in hard copy; $US 19.99 online www.linns.com/en/subscribe.html Similar to Linn’s Stamp Monthly but with 52 issues
BNAPS Topics (British North American Philatelic Society) Included with membership to BNAPS $45.75 per year; all issues except the last 5 years are available on line at no cost http://www.bnaps.org/bnatopics.php In depth coverage of issues related to the stamps of British North America; membership offers many other benefits
American Philatelist Included with membership in the American Philatelic Association; $US 58 per year http://stamps.org/Home Tends to focus on US stamps but covers all countries; excellent authors; very large circulation
Philatelic News (Guernsey) 4-5 issues per year; free http://www.guernseypost.com/ Details on new issues with ordering information.
Jersey Stamp Bulletin 4 issues per year; free http://www.jerseystamps.com/ Details on new issues with ordering information.
Details (Canada Post) Intermittent; free Canada Post Details on new issues with ordering information.
The Collector (Ireland); Post Stamps (Faroes) Intermittent; free Irish Post Office; Faroe Islands Post Office Details on new issues with ordering information.

Note: This list is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be a complete list of philatelic related materials. The Kawartha Stamp Club does not endorse any particular publication listed above.