Kawartha Stamp Club
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

R.P.S.C. Chapter # 58


Hints for Higher Returns at the KAPEX Consignment Table

Each year members submit items for sale at the KAPEX Consignment Sales Table. Many members sold numerous lots and earned a nice return, while others did not do so well. The following are some of Karl Wysotski's observations from the KAPEX consignment sales.

What Sold Well:

  • Bags of used stamps, Canada and world-wide (never enough world-wide to meet the demand).
  • Topical souvenir sheets and sets, the more recent the better.
  • Very recent (2011-2012) Great Britain, Australia, British-West Indies, both mint and used.
  • Used classic Canada, Bluenose, etc. that were priced at around one third catalogue values.
  • Very recent Canada, sets, singles, souvenir sheets all priced at 40% of catalogue or less.
  • Some Commonwealth Souvenir Sheets and recent Canadian FDC sold at rock bottom prices.
  • High end revenue and law stamps, as well as old cheques were in demand.
  • Canadian precancels sold well (could have sold more).
  • Some interest in Newfoundland.
  • Used stock sheets (priced under 25 cents each) as well as used stock books.
  • Some world collections that were removed from albums (if priced low to sell).
  • Many recent colourful USA topical stamps.

What Did Not Sell:

  • Most older USA issues.
  • Old Canadian airmail covers had no interest.
  • Modern Europe, very little interest.
  • Canadian booklets and presentation packs and yearbooks.
  • Mint foreign sets from unpopular countries such as Bulgaria, Guinea, Romania, etc.
  • Older Great Britain which are very common.
  • Old British Commonwealth singles, although priced well still found few buyers.


  • Present your stamps in an attractive way. Ask yourself if what you have assembled will attract a buyer, or is there something you should do to enhance its appearance (i.e. ensure the price tag does not cover the stamps as buyers will not lift the tag).
  • Highlight stamps by placing different coloured paper behind the stamp (Black is good as it highlights the perforations).
  • When you use an 8 1/2 x 11 plastic sheet to hold a souvenir sheet, make certain you have something behind it such as a stock sheet for support (these tall items are stacked in a box to save table space so your items need to be rigid enough to stand up.
  • $5.00 is a good price to list a lot, but ensure enough value is there to make it sell. Buyers come seeking bargains, so if your lot does not have value, they will pass it over and choose other member's lots who are good at making bargain lots and sales.
  • It's a lot of work putting together a lot: selecting, pricing, packaging and listing the item. To do all that for a $2.00 sale is a waste of time when you clear $1.80 after you pay the 10% commission. Keep that in mind and try to get the value of the lot up to four to five dollars, especially with a bag of mixed stamps.