Kawartha Stamp Club
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

R.P.S.C. Chapter # 58

Members’ Sales Circuit Book Guidelines

Updated July 2015

  1. Use 8.5” X 11” good-quality paper to mount your sales items. The better the quality of paper, the less likely it will be that your stamps will be damaged before sale, through wear and tear. The club’s pre-printed pages are set up for this purpose, so you should use them whenever possible. They have spaces for 23 stamps.

  2. Stamps should be mounted neatly and securely with hinges, or in mounts or glassines.

  3. Print clearly, in ink (not in pencil); the catalogue number, catalogue value, and your NET price (the amount you wish to sell the stamp for) in the spaces provided. It is often helpful to print your NET price in a different colour to have it stand out from the catalogue value. Provide an appropriate, short title for each page (Name of the country, back-of-the-book, topic, etc.), include the NET value of the whole page in the space provided at the bottom of the page, and indicate the catalogue and year (e.g., Scott 2011) in the space provided, but DO NOT fill in the owner number or page number; the circuit manager will assign numbers.

  4. Since the club now has “Woolworths” books with stamps selling between $0.05 and $0.25, it is strongly recommended that you do not include any items with a NET price below $0.25 in your sales circuit pages.

  5. Many members in our club, as well as in clubs that we visit with the sales circuit books, keep “want lists” of the stamps they need. Therefore, it is a very good idea to order the stamps on your circuit pages in catalogue order (not randomly), to make it easier to search for needed material, preferably with one country per page, but if including more than one country on a page, order the countries alphabetically.

  6. Generally, you should not include damaged material or heavily cancelled material on your pages, unless the stamps are otherwise quite valuable or the cancels are collectable (readable, fancy, etc.). If you are including material that is slightly damaged, indicate this, and price the item accordingly, or it will not likely sell.

  7. Common material of low catalogue value does not sell well. Current areas with good sales include Canada and provinces, Great Britain, the Commonwealth, several Western European countries and their colonies (Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Iceland), and U.S.A. Stamps from almost anywhere that include popular topics such as sports, Olympics, art, religious themes, animals, plants, flags on stamps, etc. are also popular, and higher value items in thematic areas are appropriate for these pages.

  8. Note: All Postage Stamps and Philatelic related items, placed for sale through Circuit Books, Club Sales Tables and Auctions at Regular Club Meetings or any Function operated by the Kawartha Stamp Club shall be at the Owner's risk. The Kawartha Stamp Club will not assume any liability, or be liable for any claim for loss or damage.