Kawartha Stamp Club
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

R.P.S.C. Chapter # 58

Stamp Catalogues

Publisher Catalogue Usefulness
Scott Volumes 1-6 General catalogues listing stamps for all countries; illustrated in colour (often only a single stamp in a set); annual updates.
Scott 1840-1940 Classic Provides much more detail on the early stamps of all countries; goes to 1952 for British Commonwealth countries.
Scott U.S. Specialized Very detailed description of all U.S. stamps to date including revenues and BOB; starting with 2014 volume identifies stamps that can’t be soaked.
Scott 2008 Disc Searchable database; can be loaded on to multiple computers; will not run on Windows 7 & later; some users find it slow; no longer supported by Scott.
Scott Online catalogue Searchable database; cheaper than the hard copies & no shipping cost; all volumes & individual countries available; catalogue is accessed through a password on the internet; the password expires after three years
Stanley Gibbons Collecting British Postmarks Description of postmarks from the pre-stamp era to the present.
Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise More detailed than Scott; illustrates all stamps in each set; especially good for Machins and Post & Go stamps; ID numbers match the popular Windsor albums.
Unitrade Canada Specialized The standard catalogue for Canadian collectors; ample coloured illustrations; lists varieties, proofs, multiples and extensive Back of the Book.
E.S.J. Van Dam Canadian Revenue Catalogue Much more detail on revenues than Unitrade.
W. Gutzman Canadian Picture Post Card Catalogue Identifies post cards by era, publisher & type.
Longworth- Dawes Semi-official Air Mail of Canada Identifies stamps, flights, pilots, etc.
Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society Green’s Catalog of Canadian Local & Provincial Tuberculosis Seals Lists Christmas seals prior to 1930; available http://www.seal-society.org/literature.htm
BNAPS Perfin Study Group Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials List perfins by Scott numbers; free download http://www.bnaps.org/PerfinHandbook/Perfinbook- 1.pdf
American Topical Association Watercraft on stamps Example of very extensive list of inventories of stamps topics produced by ATA; you have to be a member (or know a member) to purchase the handbooks and discs http://www.americantopicalassn.org/handbooks.shtml
Keith Hall Seamark Illustrated Catalog of Lighthouse Stamps Comprehensive list of stamps showing lighthouses
Postbeeld Freestamp catalogue Free website listing 200,000 stamps; database searchable by country, topic, year http://www.postbeeld.com/en/fsc/home/
Yvert & Tellier France (in French) Very specialized catalogue of French stamps that provides much more detail than Scott with ample colour illustrations; also available online http://www.yvert.com/c-792-bibliotheque-en- ligne.aspx
Michel Germany Specialized (in English in one volume or German in two volumes) Very specialized catalogue of German stamps, all eras including states & colonies; well-illustrated, partly in colour in 2007 (possibly all in colour now); available online https://ssl.philatelie.de/onlinecatalogue/

Note: This list is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be a complete list of philatelic related materials. The Kawartha Stamp Club does not endorse any particular publication listed above.