Modern Postal History: Documentation of Canada Post Job Actions during Christmas 2018


In these days of pen cancelled letters and the dwindling letter mail volume, postal authorities are less and less focused on what postal history collectors want to collect. Let me share with you the good fortunate I have receiving a Christmas card from a China philatelist.

Figure 1 shows the originating marking on this $5 China airmail postal stationery envelope that was send from Tsingtao, Shandong, China on November 25, 2018, a month before Christmas. Figure 2 shows the back with a self-adhesive label “(postal) business temporary stopped”. The Christmas card arrived at my home on January 8, 2019.  Of course there was no information on when this was put back into the system showing on the cover. Does anyone have more covers illustrating how other world-wide post-offices handled delayed mail of this postal strike that you want to share?

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Sam Chiu is also Vice-President of The Royal Canadian Philatelic Society.

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