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Publication date:
January 22, 2001



The Canadian Philatelist

January-February 2001
Vol. 52, No. 1

Table of Contents

Industrial Minerals on Postage Stamps
by Fathi Habashi
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10  Open Doors or Shuttered Windows?
Philately on the Start of the Millennium

by Arlene Sullivan
12  Reed-Solomon Bar Codes for Mail Processing
by T. Aaron Gulliver
17  Money for Old Rope
by Patrick Campbell
18  Kitchener-Waterloo Philatelic Society
Celebrating 65 Years of Service

by Tony Shaman
20  Early French Cancels - Emperor to Ceres
by "Napoleon"
30  Request for Reader Assistance
by H.W. Harrison, BNAPS
32  Under the Hammer
by Dean Mario
34  In Memoriam
A Tribute to Hans Reiche, George Burley Robertson, D.N. Jatia, and Harold G. Gosney (FRPSC)

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