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Publication date:
September 1, 2000

The Canadian Philatelist

September-October 2000
Vol. 51, No. 5

Table of Contents

202  New Remote Readers Arrive
by Sally Enright
203  Bits and Pieces
by Bill Pekonen
206  Several countries introduce innovative products in philately
by Joseph Monteiro
211  Charles Connell and His Stamp - The Stamp's Survival
by J.J. MacDonald
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213  Undooley on Panama
by Reprint - 1904
216  Book Review: An Introduction to Youth Philately
by Bill Pekonen
217  The philatelic "facsimile" book collection of the Canadian Postal Archives National Archives of Canada
by Cimon Morin
226  The Short Story Column
by "Raconteur"

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